Best Method to Do Keyword Research for SEO to Improve Your Organic Traffic & Rankings.

Hi Friends, Today I’m going to tell you, how you can do keyword research in the best way for your business and improve your organic traffic. Let’s straight dive in and learn how to do keyword research.

The First Point Is What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the process of finding the best combinations of queries that people use to reach out to your business. So that when a user hits a query in a search engine, he/she can find your business website and get the desired service or product from it. If you want to spread your business worldwide, you need to understand your audience and their queries or questions and then it is your responsibility to provide the best solution or value to them. So, keyword research is the base or we can say the root to start spreading your business globally.

Why Keyword Research Is Important?

Now, you may have this question that why keyword research is so important, right? Because you do have an idea that my audience is looking to buy something from my product list or maybe looking for any kind of services. But, how you can identify that using which queries or keywords they could reach to you. You want to provide the best product or service to your customers but how those customers can reach out to you or your business. This is also an important question that arise. So, it is as simple as if you want to reach out to your customers, you need to find out using which keywords they can reach to your business.

What Is a Keyword Intent?

There are two types of intent one is informational and the second is commercial. Now, if you want to provide some kind of information to your audience, for example, if you are in a business of teaching or coaching then you need to provide information regarding your courses and you have to find keywords that have informational intent but if you have a business of sales, for example, selling clothes, mobiles, etc., then you need to find keywords that have commercial intent. So, intent means the intention of your customer and in the end, this is what you need to finalize when doing keyword research.

Now, we will see how to find the best keywords that will boost your organic SEO campaign.

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your SEO Strategy?

There are some steps to follow while doing keyword research. I used to follow these steps and I always found the best keywords for my clients’ every time. So, be focused and let’s start:

1. Make an Important List of Topics for Your Business:

The first step is finding the most related topics to your business. Because in the past it was easy to rank using some keywords that are connected to your business. At that time, Google was not that strict regarding SEO and also the technology was not that much improved. But nowadays, Google is doing regular algorithm updates and if you are not able to find the best keywords, it is possible that your business would never appear in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

For example, if your business is regarding “Digital Marketing” the related topics for your business would be SEO, Keyword Research, Branding, Organic Traffic, Paid Advertising, Reputation Management, etc. So, first, you need to find out keywords related to such topics and also for your seed keyword “Digital Marketing“.

2. Find Keywords for Those Topics:

Now, you know the topics that are connected to your business. So, start finding keywords for those topics. You can use tools like Ubersuggest,,, and there are many more. Keep all the keywords under its topic. For example, if you have found keywords for the term “Organic Traffic” keep all the keywords under that title. Do not mix all the topic keywords. Make a separate list of keywords for every single topic.

3. Find Some Other Related Terms:

Now, you have topic related keywords but you have not covered up all the queries yet. Keyword research is just like an ocean. It would never end. So, you need to find some more related keywords. To find such keywords, you need to figure out where your audience lies the most. So, for example, if you have a business of selling flowers, you can assume that your audience might be on Pinterest, Flickr or any other platform where users can post flower images. So, you can go there and search your keywords and you will get keyword suggestions. You can use Reddit, Wikipedia, Google Suggested Keywords, etc. These are some platforms to find related keywords.

4. Find Some Long-Tail Keywords That Will Start Boosting Your SEO Campaigns:

Don’t forget to find long-tail keywords because as you know voice search will lead the search world in the future. So, when a user wants to reach out to your business using a voice search, he/she will not say just a word but they will shoutout a query. For example, if you are in Medicine Business your audience will not hit a voice query like “Stomach Medicine”, they may hit a query like “Where can I find a Stomach Medicine”. So, such kind of keywords you need to target as well because such keywords are called long-tail keywords and they work great on voice search.

5. Research About the Competitors:

It is one of the very important tasks that you can’t miss while doing keyword research. You need to find the keywords on which your competitors are ranking. If you want to come to the top position of a search engine, it is mandatory to find a competitor’s keywords. For that, you can use tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, etc. Just add the competitor’s website in any of these tools and you will find the keywords on which your competitors are rankings. So, target these keywords too.

6. Now Add All the Keywords into Google Keyword Planner to Find More Keyword Suggestions:

Now, it might happen that you have found all the keywords using free techniques and you haven’t found the search volumes. So, for that, you can add all the keywords into Google Keyword Planner. You will get search volumes for all the keywords. The search volume will give you an average assumption that how many times a keyword has searched by users because the search volume is average monthly search count. And those keywords that do not have any search volume, you can use those keywords in your content promotion like blogs, articles with an anchor link. So, the crawlers will get notified that you are also targeting these keywords.

7. That’s It. You Have the Best Keywords for Your Business:

After completing all the steps, I’m sure, you got the best keywords to target for your business. And one more hint, if you want to get ranked with your early efforts, start promoting those keywords that have good CPC with your regular keywords. Because when a business wants to get early leads, they run AdWords PPC Campaigns and they start getting leads. It means the keywords which are used for paid advertising have the potential to provide you leads or clicks. So, it is more chance that your website starts ranking for those keywords. So, I hope you got an idea of how you can find keywords for your business. I will come with another blog on How you can do Website Analysis. So, stay tuned and keep learning.

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