DM Questionnaire


    1. Owner Name:

    2. Owner Email:

    3. Owner/Decision Maker Phone:

    4. Company/Website URL?

    5. How Long Have You Been In Business?

    6. Who Are Your Top Competitors?

    7. What Does Your Business Offer?

    8. What Separates You From Your Competitors?

    9. No. Of Leads OR Sales You Currently Receive?

    10. What Is The Average Cost Per Lead For Your Business?

    11. What Is The Average Cost Per Conversion For Your Business?

    12. What Is Your Lead/Conversion Ratio?

    13. What Is The Seasonality Of Your Business?

    14. What Products/Services Do You Offer? What Are Your Top Sellers?

    15. What Industry Does Your Business Cater To?

    16. What Is The Average Price Of Your Product/Service?

    17. What Are Your Priority Target Locations?

    18. Who Are Your Target Customers?

    19. Nature Of Consumption?

    20. Target Age Group?

    21. Gender?

    22. Occupations?

    23. Interest Groups?

    24. Income Range (Monthly)?

    25. How Do You Currently Generate Leads?

    26. Do you do physical promotion?

    27. Do you have a credit card?

    Note: Don't contact on this page for jobs, guest blogging, backlink, it may lead to block your contacts for future.