Website Questionnaire


    1. Owner Name:

    2. Owner Email:

    3. Owner/Decision Maker Phone:

    4. How Long Have You Been In Business? New Business1-3 Years3-7 Years10 Years Above

    5. How Long Have You Had Your Current Website? No WebsiteExisting Website

    6. What Does Your Business Offer? ProductsServices

    7. What Products/Services Do You Offer? What Are Your Top Sellers?

    8. What Industry Does Your Business Cater To?

    9. What Is The Average Price Of Your Product/Service?

    10. Briefly Describe What Your Website Does/Will Do Once Ready/Re-designed?

    11. What is the Job Role of Your Target Audience?

    12. What Kind Of Look/Feel Would You Like For This Website?

    13. What Websites Can Designers Draw Inspiration From?

    14. List Websites You DON’T Like And Explain Why You Don’t Like Them.

    15. Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Communicate To The Designers?

    Note: Don't contact on this page for jobs, guest blogging, backlink or any such sort of request which may lead to block your contacts for future.