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How To Build Email List For Healthcare Industry

Email is the top communicating partner for people in USA. It is believed that email is the most authentic way of having written proof for any communication or verbal agreement. So, you can understand how important is to send emails to your people when it comes to healthcare. There are a lot of case where patients get consulted over email from the Doctors. Well, if it is the right way to do or not that depends and can be arguable. But the most important point to take into consideration is that patients from across the world can’t reach over phone calls or may not afford to make an international call. But then they can easily describe their health problems and send it through an email. Make sense?

Now why should health care industry should focus on building an email list? The answer to this question is to stay updated with your patients. There are lot of patients who don’t followup with their health situations and do regular checkup until they strike with some big issues next time. Having said that doesn’t mean that you should use email campaigns to remind your patients to get a regular checkup appointment. I mean you can do it but you should use email marketing campaigns so that you can actually guide them through true and real medical tips. If you make a visit to any digital marketing agency for conducting seo for healthcare industry they will ask you to post content regularly. Now, if you find that you are posting content regularly still that blog doesn’t have any reader list what will you do? To understand why you don’t have any views on your medical blogs you can refer our blog post on why don’t you have readers for your medical blog post.


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Do Healthcare SEO Agency Asked You To Build Email List?

Those who are doing seo for healthcare industry do suggest to build a SEO Email Funnel to make sure you receive email ids from your relevant patients. This is will help you to reach your right patients to offer them any new checkup schemes that your Hospital might come up with.

Gathering of emails have various options but if you don’t have a process and that to an automated you will fail to nurture all your patients at single point of time. Moreover, it is very important that you segment your patients based on their diseases. You will need someone who can do this for you, may be an in-house team member…


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Have you check your healthcare website?



Here we are going to share some organic (FREE WAYS) and paid ways to generate an email list for your patients. Well before you begin make sure you have your own website that can be customized to fit in third party tools. We recommend to have a wordpress healthcare website for your hospital.

  1. You can collect emails from your website from Footer.
  2. Collect emails through popups on your homepage.
  3. Collect emails of your patients through contact page. You should always have fields for Phone number and email id.
  4. Collect emails through your blog page & posts.
  5. Run Ad campaigns on Instagram & Facebook through Facebook Ads Manager portal.
  6. Run campaigns that can give free value added tips. (Eg. Your hospital conducted an exclusive interview for world renowned Doctor. Convert that recorded video into Webinar and run ads to access that webinar by allowing patients to add their email id.
  7. If you are collecting email ids through your physical medical forms make sure you collect all the email ids and sent it to your digital agency partner to add them into your campaigns.

These are the some strategies you can use to build your email list for healthcare industry. Now, how would you maintain the open rates for all your email campaigns? By the way which software should you use to build this email list and nurture them?

  • Use getresponse to setup your email campaigns. It is a very simple platform where you can integrate your website or landing page. Make sure what ever details you collect from your website is properly fetched at getresponse software.
  • We recommend to use a landing page to collect user details in a form of free webinar or pamphlets or may medical journal. Use Clickfunnels for this purpose.
  • Since, you have to nurture them you don’t need to additionally write for this purpose. Make your blog post so informative that you can use to send the link via your email list.
  • Make sure you understand what are you going to send to your patients through email campaigns and what would be their expectation.

I hope you got some good insights on how to build your email list for healthcare industry and nurture your patients through emails.

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