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Why you need to do seo inspite of corona virus?

Why you need to do seo despite of corona virus?


Corona virus officially named as Covid 19 is shutting down the world as one of the economic giant USA declared emergency and shutdown apart from European countries. But as a Digital Marketer should you stop your current work due to this epidemic?

Simply No!

Because Digital Marketing is a profession that can be carried without any office. It is a technical SEO practice that can be concluded indoor without being contacted publicly. But the matter is you can do digital marketing only when your clients agree to carry out the projects.

Most clients may not continue to avail digital services because people won’t buy from it. But this is not the case with every client. Infact this is time where more and more people would be ideal and free from their jobs, thus, using their cellphones or television set to utilise their free time. So, the long term businesses would definitely take an advantage to promoting themselves heavily so that the brand name becomes a household name.

Yes there are some certain digital services that might not be liable as of now because customers are not buying and may not do so for immediate. That may led to shut down some services like lead generation or Ecommerce Google ads, social media ads or display ads due to corona virus.

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Corona SEO?

Corona SEO is something called a process where SEO is done in a continuous way through in-house process where minimal or no approach is made among coworkers.

Mean time in corona epidemic, Prospacemarketing is conducting special corona seo where by business website can be positioned on top search results. This is the time where may be competitors are not utilising SEO or may have shut down the process of availing this seo and if you continue to do so then you can be in a position where by you would ranking on top search results.

Infographics that used to be designed for seo purpose or may be for blogging to acquire backlinks can now be utilised in Social Media too. Design your social media post’s content like infographics data and utilise them in two ways.

The safest SEO practices during corona epidemic. Well be practical, many owners might say that there is huge slow down due to corona and you want us to continue to do SEO despite corona virus? Guys, be practical! This is a though time but you can’t seat ideal at your respective home. There are many companies that are forcing for work from home, yes, deadlines may get postpone but atleast the work will go on and not stop. Imagine, if you continue to avail SEO services whereas your competitors might not and when everything comes back to normal you can be dominating online search presence.   

Corona SEO can be avail at Prospacemarketing, whereby your website would be ranking on top without being contacted publicly or physically. 

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