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How to build a Chat Bot for Physical Wellness Centre?

What is A Chat BOT?

Just imagine if your a physical wellness expert and what if you can assist or consult your patients while you sleep? Sounds strange? Chat Bot are special electronic systems that are embed on websites or Facebook page that is made as intelligent as you are. Chat bots are the modern software system that helps you to assist your clients or patients. Chat bots can be your replacement in a strategic manner. If you plan to consult your clients at night time without your physical involvement, how will you do that? Surely you need someone who can do that for you, right?

Well, chat bots can be as smart as much you want to make them. What will you achieve from these chat bots as Physical Wellness expert? Okay, whenever you consult any new patient or if any new patient contacts you they tell their problems first and then you ask them few questions related to their personal lifestyle and other medical history, right? Now you can save 5 hours daily by not asking these questions directly or face to face instead chat bots can do that for you.

You have to trained the chat bot in order to fetch your patient’s detail through Facebook Messenger or Website Chat System.

There are many software available online where you can build your own chat bot but since you are not from an IT background you can hire any digital agency to do this work for you just like you hire healthcare seo agency.

Few top chat bot application makers are:

  • ManyChat: We use them to develop facebook messenger chat bots.
  • Botstar: We make chat bots for website through them.
  • It is an open source software that helps you to customize a chat bot system.

What makes a healthcare chat bot?

A healthcare chat bot should be able to help reduce your manual repeated work. Like there are patients who visit you to just confirm regular things as such low blood pressure measures to be taken, or sleepless nights or anything similar. You can setup your chat bot system where by your bot is capable enough to guide your patients through their specific problem. Having said that there are some specific measures to be taken like you cannot suggest specific drugs to your patients through chat bots with out physical verification.

A healthcare chat bot should be easy & first approach thing for your patients. Remember chat bot should not work on behalf of you, it should work for you when you are not able to show up.

Chat Bot Personality

Being a healthcare wellness expert you need to make sure that your bot has a specific personality that matches you or your clinic. The way to talk or treat you patients, your bot also should do that in similar tone. This way you could maintain the aura among your patients. We have many clients who get a lot of queries on the Facebook Page from their patients. At times it is very difficult to chat with more than 5 patients a day and if you’re a busy physical wellness consultant or doctor it would be very difficult to open your Facebook Page daily. What can you do? You can set your chat bot to talk to patients and address them till you have configured.

Chat Bot Flow

When you make your bot work for you it has to be in flow. You need to maintain a flow of statements. You cannot directly jump into solution without asking proper information. Have a flow of questions. The flow should be based on mind mapping. You cannot ask one question and expect one answer from client. On an average for one question you can have more than 2 answers. So, you have to be prepared to get unexpected answers from users and that’s why you have to be very open minded while you get your chat bot designed.

So, this is it and hope that you learned good insights on how to design your chat bot or how to hire an agency and get your chat bot designed. If you have any queries related to chat bot designing or if you want to us to create your chat bot system then please write to us or comment below.

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