4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business

Some of you might think becoming an entrepreneur is much easier than working for someone else from 9 to 5. But when you step into the shoes of an entrepreneur life you can understand how difficult it is and at times how much negativity can surround you. Most of the entrepreneur feel lonely in their journey. There is no certain income stream unless you know how to make money with your resources. Therefore, today we decided to tell you what it takes to become a business owner or if you think to be an entrepreneur you should ask yourself these 4 questions.

1. What do you imagine for your future & how does this business could aligned you with your imagination.

You should always do a business that fulfill your dreams. This means your business requires to be aligned with your imagination and future dreams. Business that only helps you to make money and doesn’t intend to give you fame is not a business that you should start. Today, in 2019, businesses that bring values across their client, customer or audience apart from gaining monetary benefits are likely to get associate with bigger brands in future which in turn brings value either monetary or spiritually.

Before jumping of you need to ask several question in this context, can I afford what it takes to reach me to my business destination? Even if you have a dream that I want to make $25000 with in next 3 months, you should probably ask yourself, what are the things that I need to invest and what are the elements that I need to stop paying attention.

2. Are you passionate enough about the business that you’d be excited to wake up and do it everyday for the next 5-10 years?

Remember, business is you companion, if you’re not making money out of it, this will feel you in your sleep. If you’re not able to close a deal despite hard try it might ruin your day or evening whatever comes first. This means your business will be in your thoughts now and then. It will bring lot of exhaustion and can burn you out if things doesn’t go right. One thing can help you get through this is your passion. If you’re passionate, no one or no undisclosed deal can exhaust you.

If you start a business you need to calculate your sustainability. Not all business can sustain for life long until it is like FMCG that you market your brand by a fmcg seo expert and you reach your destination. Therefore, you have to be sure how long you can carry it out in the market and how will you scale up or switch your business from the same niche. This also allows me to tell you not every business needs a switch after decade, just that they require up scaling and adoption. Adoption of new business strategies, technology and new human resources who are energetic and aliened with your mindset.

3. Are you willing to do the hard work even on hard days?

Business is meant to be hard and there is no short cut or no money less plan so called free stuff while you do business. If you rely on free stuffs like free marketing, free tools, free strategy and free help, your clients would also be the same who looks for free service of yours. Don’t fall into this trap. No one can be available for you while you need them or you’re down with some reason. Pay for what you get, feel the hardship of any individual who tries to pull you.

4. Would you be paying for what you get at any cost whether you make the deal or break it?

You should always sell your trust over your products or services. Trust that is unbreakable and you should be capable to take life risk if it breaks. This happens when you are determined that your product or service is not going to break your customer. If you’re selling someone else product or services do these 2 things. Firstly, pay them in full and secondly take your responsibility if it breaks your end client. Never blame the other parties saying we didn’t manufactured this, it was all done by other agency.

If you’re able to answer these 4 questions, no one can stop you to become an entrepreneur for life long.

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