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Prospacemarketing is the top rated Digital Media Buying & PPC Management Services provider in India. We work with SME & Corporates when they want to place digital ads.

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    PPC Services in India

    If you look to generate leads in a short span of time then you are at a place where you should be as Prospacemarketing is the top PPC Management Company in India. Prospacemarketing has international exposure working with top brands from Australia, USA, Dubai & others. Prospacemarketing is a leader in generating leads and doing branding for Food & Hospitality Industry. Prospacemarketing is known to be a permanent digital marketing partner for Schnithouse, Brunelli, Cafe Strand & many more. 

    PPC Management India

    Prospacemarketing helps businesses with its ppc management services at a pan level. Prospacemarketing’s emphasis is on reducing cost and increase conversion rate & overall leads on Facebook & Google. When you want right audience at a lower cost then you should look for using our ppc management services in India. We create customer centric ad campaigns that converts higher compared to other ppc management agency. Therefore, you need to contact us soon.

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    PPC when done in a wrong way could lead to nightmare for companies. PPC is all about spending money to attract audience and if you are not careful you might end up paying huge and gain no value or sales. Should you hire inhouse ppc expert or should you hire a full agency? Our suggestion includes bold example, you should always hire ppc management agency instead of hiring in-house ppc expert. This is because for running a ppc campaign you need other resources as such landing page developers, creative designers & web developers. Now imagine if you add 3 more persons, it would create pressure on the man power as you would be dealing with experts that are not in your domain. Top of that there will be additional burden on giving out wages and along with that you have to calculate promotion budget. Therefore, it is always economical to add a third-party agency.

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    PPC Marketing Company India

    PPC Marketing Services India

    To increase your business you need to boom your website traffic inorder to increase leads. We at Prospacemarketing help you to maximise traffic using ppc management services and lower your customer acquisition cost. Our PPC professionals will use premium tools to fetch accurate data so that you invest on right campaigns & generate more leads by paying less. Your all campaigns will be reported in a timely manner & we conduct meetings after every 15 days to check the campaign status. Our ppc professionals will bid on keywords that will bring traffic & leads therefore the budget will be utilised in a correct manner.

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    Prospacemarketing is the leader in Food & Hospitality Industry having worked with finest brands across the globe. Prospacemarketing has been a constant partner of restaurant chains like Schnithouse, Brunelli, Cafe Strand, Taste of Bollywood & more. We have brought significant improvements in Brand Management, Customer Engagement, Weekly Revenues not limiting to this, we do proper analysis of your past customer feedback and we match your present audience demography & to the audience that you want to target. Based on our research we advise you changes that you need to make whether with your restaurant appearance or menu styling or special menus to be accommodate as per your customer’s choice. We also do a competitor research to understand your competitors pace vs yours.

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    PPC for Healthcare Industry

    Healthcare has been very special to Prospacemarketing because our agency began working with Healthcare Industry of USA. We were among the very few agency that worked for reputed healthcare facilities of America. Our team of PPC Healthcare is well aware of the services performed in Dental, Chiropractors, Hearth & Lungs, Weight loss and Physical healthcare industry. We provide dental ppc services in India. Prospacemarketing is know for generating higher conversions for chiropractors & physiotherapist in India.

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    PPC Management Services India

    Prospacemarketing has a long history of PPC clients & a proven track record of ppc management results. We have also worked in Tech Education space & AR & VR industry. We have generated humongous leads for AR & VR by providing augmentation realty ppc services & virtual realty ppc management services.

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    PPC Campaign Structure

    • Free Consultation Call
      We discuss about your business to offer best required services.
    • On-Boarding
      Once you are successfully subscribed to our monthly subscription we will do business presence audit.
    • Technical Audit
      Our second most important step is to check the status of your current website with respect to PPC
    • Technical Insights
      We study how your online presence can be approachable with all the datas obtained through audits.
    • Structural PPC Optimization
      Making your website search-engine-friendly by PPC optimization throughout the site.
    • Content Development
      We would change the onsite content as per PPC requirement. Also, we would setup thirdparty channels for content posting.
    • Creative Designs
      We would create designing creatives as per the number of campaigns & present brand designs.
    • Bidding
      We would bid on platforms by spending less money & generate high no of leads.

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