How we helped an ayurvedic treatment centre earn 10 lakhs in 60 days

Challenges: The ayurvedic clinic was running short with footfalls. They had good engagement rates on Social Media like for their Facebook page and it was having decent reach in-spite of Facebook’s organic reach updates. The client was facing issue in selling their consultation time slot and some of their listed therapies. The client wanted us to make sure we educate their customers about what they were gonna get from the client’s therapy. Ad spent budget was low initially.

Solution: We ran 2 campaigns, one that was regarding branding and awareness. We guided our client on how to get video testimonials from their existing customers and use them in form of awareness where they would shared their problems before the treatment and how they feel after getting the treatment.

The second campaign was about lead generation. We created facebook pixel code and attached to the campaign. We started creating customer persona based on the inputs from clients. We decided the location we should target that are near to clinic, we also targeted other cities in the awareness campaign. We then figured out which treatment is need to what group of peoples. Again, we took out past case studies from the client and researched them and figured out right demograhics.

Lastly, we grouped the ad campaigns with multiple ad set and we also focused on the ad placement. Don’t select the automatic placement suggested by Facebook ad manager. Facebook charges you based on impression unlike Google charging for clicks.

We generated more than 20 leads each day for them with cpl of 8/per day initially. Finally the client was able to make 10 lakhs in 2 months through the ad campaigns.

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