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What is SEO Reseller Program?


Have you imagine if you want to start a completely new business where you know nothing but you have business source and you know their burning problem which you literally want to solve, can you do it? Certainly you can do it in Digital Space with Digital Marketing Services by hiring offshore Digital Marketing Agency to perform solutions like SEO, Social Media or Instagram Personal Branding.

In SEO Reseller program you just have to get clients who has a burning problem of sales, customer acquisition, organic lead generation and such. In the other hand you have to just hire a Digital Marketing Reseller Agency who are willing to perform Digital Marketing Services with your brand name and not on their name. Now, you might ask how can we find someone like that in this world who would sacrifices their brand name? Well, ProspaceMarketing is a Full time Digital Marketing Agency who offer to work as White Label Partner.

What do you need to know before hiring any White Label Agency? Tools!


#5 Project Management & Reporting Tool

Well you might think why are numbering this one 5 and yet listing it on top? This is because ethically reporting comes last, when you do some work than only you can produce some report, right? But in Digital Marketing or in any other IT field reporting matters the most. You can get a client easily who pays you for a month or two in advance but retaining that client for a longer period of time is a challenge. Most your clients don’t stay for longer period because of reporting. Some clients want to know what are things they still need to improve and some wants only happy things like measurable growths and other positive stuffs.

In Digital Marketing you can’t promise to your client that every month there will be all positive, right? If you don’t know this then please accept this because it happens to 90% of the Digital Marketing Agency no matter whether they provide SEO or Social Media. Well, reporting tool differ for each of the services your provide to your client because parameters changes. If you’re providing SEO you have vast parameters to judge progress like keyword rankings, backlinks, list of PR, Blogging links, guest posting approaches, local citations and so many others. When you provide Social Media services your measures are different, you have to check how many post you posted, when you posted, how many likes you got, how much impressions you received, how many giveaway you did & what kind of engagement you received, what is the gender, age group and lot many other things. Similarly when you provide Pay per click services you have different parameters.

You can have a customised reporting system that may not be an automated one. If you wish to have an automated system you can follow these tools:

#4 Keyword Position Tracking

If you want to provide SEO to any client what you want to do is you have to track keywords that you’re eyeing to rank and which other keywords are ranking or may rank with your technical SEO work. Now manually you cannot find closely related keywords that are also ranking for your website. So, you need a tool that can scan your website and show you the new potential keywords that you might have skipped while selecting keywords. Here are some tools that are recommended:

#3 Backlink Monitoring

Backlink monitoring is specifically for offering SEO services and therefore those who are not willing to offer seo reseller services to your clients may please skip this point. But those who are providing SEO services for them Backlink generation and monitoring holds a special place. For SEO agencies backlinks are the most important tool or product that they need to sell them to the clients. Each clients want to know how much backlinks do their website has and since it is a myth that the website with highest number of backlinks will win the game of SEO rankings. The recommended tools are these:

  • SErankings
  • Ahref

#2 Technical SEO Audit

Auditing has to do a lot with on-boarding and retaining of clients. When you have the client on-boarded we have to do a complete audit of their website to understand which activities need to be performed earlier. Also, we have to make sure we do all the hard work that brings result and not a headache.

#1  Content topic analysis

As a marketer it is your responsibility to bring out value through putting out hell out of content whether it has to be a micro blog or long form of blog. Just make sure you don’t have anything on your original site copied from somewhere else or the content that you’re putting on your main site is not present anywhere else.

  • Ahref
  • Semrush

With that said you have bunch of tools to utilise even if you’re not providing SEO reseller services. But, Prospacemarketing are using all the mentioned keyword to stay ahead of their competitors and making sure that their reseller clients are happy with the services that are thrown to them.

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